Restless Soul Syndrome.

A collection of pictures and words that bring happiness and excitement to my heart. A technical description for what's otherwise known as "warm and fuzzy" or "spiritually lascivious;" generally a "deep down inside" kind of feeling that expresses delight and gratification.

A poem I wrote

In a room all new
With gems and gold strewn
You are all I see
Like a tunnel with the light at the end
I run for you
To get to me

Hard to breathe
Impossible to understand
You’re still my best friend

Where are we going
Direction seems unknown
I don’t mind if we’re near or far
All I know is my heart is wherever you are

Do not be afraid
For fear is what loses a love
A love so rare
A love I’m holding so hard to spare

Every new step I take
You’ll be within me
For I carry you with every move I make
Every new place , every new face
Nothing will take your place.